What to expect

What to expect

NOTE: During the COVID-19 restrictions all communications will be via phone, video conference, email or (if absolutely necessary) post.

Step 1 – Make contact

If you think that counselling could be helpful to you, please give us a call. We can talk briefly about what’s on your mind then book a longer Introductory Session (no cost).

Step 2 – Introductory session (30-50 mins)

This is a bit of a ‘get to know each other’ conversation. We will ask for a bit more detail about what is going on for you, and what you want to work on. We can then talk about whether we think we have the skills and experience that you need.  If not, we can help you find some who can work with you. 

On the other hand, if you have a sense that we might be able to work together then we can talk about the next steps, including costs, and book a time for the first counselling session.

Step 3 – Some paperwork and technology

After booking a session, you will receive an email with details of the session and video conferencing details.

Ahead of this session there are two forms that need to be completed online (see Forms & Documents):

  • Confidential Client Information Form
  • Information and Consent Form

Step 4 – First counselling session (50 mins)

We will review the paperwork you submitted and answer any questions you may have.  The remainder of this session (and often the next) is usually taken up with you sharing more of your personal story and what your goals for counselling are. 

Step 5 – Subsequent sessions (50 mins each)

The number, nature, shape and timing of subsequent sessions depends on you, your needs and goals. By the end of the second or third session we will be able to present a tentative counselling plan for your consideration and approval.