About Katartizo

Vision & Purpose

To partner in relationships and processes that
Strengthen | Equip | Restore

Why Katartizo?

As you look at our business name, you may well be asking yourself some questions like:

What does Katartizo mean?

Katartizo is an ancient Greek word. This is what Katartizo looks like in Greek language script- καταρτίζω.

Can’t read ancient Greek? Neither can we, so we are using the most basic English transliteration – Katartizo.

We discovered katartizo during a Bible study of the New Testament which was originally written in the (now ancient) Greek language.

It is a multifaceted word that carries a sense of repair and improvement. Here is a screenshot from an online Ancient Greek-English lexicon:

Looking at the nuances of meaning, we reduced them down to the three words that have formed the basis of our business Vision & Purpose statement and tagline.

How do you say Katartizo?

There are online examples to listen to (like the one below) but as Australian non-native Greek speakers, we just break it down into short even-length syllables and say it without much emphasis, inflection or accent – something like this:

kat  ar  ti  zo
kat (cat) – ar (are) – ti (tea) – zo

Basically, say it however you like. Put on your best/worst accent. Stretch the syllables. Experiment with emphasising different syllables. Have fun with it!

Why didn’t you pick an easier name?

Good question! On balance, despite its unfamiliarity and pronunciation challenges, we love the rich meaning of the word and how well it describes our Vision & Purpose:

To partner in relationships and processes that
Strengthen | Equip | Restore